Cathedral Church of St. Joseph


Convent Street, Swansea, SA1 2BX

Telephone: 01792 652683

Welcome to the home of Menevia Cathedral on the web.


The Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Joseph, is the mother Church to the Diocese of Menevia and seat of its Bishop.


Our mission is to facilitate the Catholic faith by bearing witness to the message of Jesus Christ and encouraging all to seek and know him.


The Cathedral is found in the Greenhill area of Swansea and its origins can be traced to the missionary endeavours of Benedictine priests who extended their pastoral care here from the parish of Saint David in the mid-nineteenth century.


By 1888 the Order of Saint Benedict had nurtured a thriving Catholic community in Greenhill and begun construction of a new parish church.  The church was elevated to Cathedral status in 1987.


Today, the Cathedral continues the same mission set about by the Benedictine Fathers and stands as an outward symbol of the Catholic faith in South Wales.



Rev. Canon Benedict Koledoye

Cathedral Administrator







Saturday 12th September                                    09:15 Mass


Sunday 13th (24th Sunday in Ordinary Time )      08:00 Mass, 10:00 Mass


Monday 14th                                                        09:15 Mass


Tuesday 15th                                                       09:15 Mass


Wednesday 16th                                                 18:30 Mass


Thursday 17th                                                     09:15 Mass


Friday 18th                                                          09:15 Mass


Saturday 19th                                                      09:15 No Mass


Sunday 20th (25th Sunday in Ordinary Time)    08:00 Mass, 10:00 Mass


All Masses will be livestreamed below:


Welcome to the home of Menevia Cathedral on the web.



RESUMPTION OF MASS SCHEDULE: I am happy to note that we have, so far, adapted well to the new protocols governing the way we have to operate. We continue to monitor attendance at weekend Masses in order to ensure health & safety regulations with regard to social distancing is not being compromised.


SATURDAY VIGIL MASS: I have received a number of enquiries regarding the resumption of Saturday evening Mass. I am also eager for us to return to our pre-COVID19 Mass schedule and have been looking at ways to accommodate this request. As we are working under government constraints, the only way we can safely add the 5:30 p.m. Saturday Mass back into our schedule is if enough volunteer Stewards come forward so that we can draw up a rota to enable adequate coverage.  Once again, I appeal to anyone who can help, to please come forward and offer your services.  Full training will be given. I am considering resumption of this Mass sometime in October.  Thank you.    

Please note: we are unable to open the cathedral before Mass until a Steward has arrived and is in position in the Porch.   This means that there will be occasions when you might have to wait outside for the doors to be opened.  We will try to ensure that no-one is left standing outside any longer than absolutely necessary.  Thank you for your understanding and for your patience.    


IMPORTANT POINTS: Please look at these Important Points to note at Mass