Cathedral Church of St. Joseph


Convent Street, Swansea, SA1 2BX

Telephone: 01792 652683

Welcome to the home of Menevia Cathedral on the web.


The Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Joseph, is the mother Church to the Diocese of Menevia and seat of its Bishop. Our mission is to facilitate the Catholic faith by bearing witness to the message of Jesus Christ and encouraging all to seek and know him.

The Cathedral is found in the Greenhill area of Swansea and its origins can be traced to the missionary endeavours of Benedictine priests who extended their pastoral care here from the parish of Saint David in the mid-nineteenth century.

By 1888 the Order of Saint Benedict had nurtured a thriving Catholic community in Greenhill and begun construction of a new parish church.  The church was elevated to Cathedral status in 1987.

Today, the Cathedral continues the same mission set about by the Benedictine Fathers and stands as an outward symbol of the Catholic faith in South Wales.


Rev. Canon Benedict Koledoye

Cathedral Administrator





Welcome to the home of Menevia Cathedral on the web.



CHRISTMAS SCHEDULE: With Christmas fast approaching we need to arrange the Christmas Mass schedule, particularly the Vigil Mass and Midnight Mass. I am anticipating that trying to accommodate everyone who would like to attend might prove challenging, so you will need to pre-book your place. I am proposing the following times for the Christmas Masses and for planning purposes, you will need to notify the parish office which of the Masses you wish to attend by 16th of December.


  • Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve: 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm

  • Midnight Mass: TBA

  • Christmas Day Mass: 8:00 am and 10:00 am


NB: It is particularly important for us to know how many people wish to attend either of the vigil Masses and the Midnight Mass. The celebration of Midnight Mass has to be determined by the number of parishioners wishing to attend.


FIRST COMMUNION: The candidates for the First Communion will make their First Communion next Sunday at 12 noon. Congratulations to them in advance and many thanks to the catechists Maria Davies and Michelle Grimsley.


REGISTRATION AT MASS: It is vitally important to write your name and contact details in the Register in the porch before coming into the Cathedral for Mass, even if you come after the Mass have started. It has been noted that some people are not following this very important protocol. We need to comply strictly with the regulations.


WEARING OF MASKS: The wearing of face-coverings/masks in church is now obligatory in Wales. Please ensure that you have a face-covering/mask with you and that you put it on before you enter the Cathedral.


HOLY COMMUNION - IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO AVOID ACCIDENTS: Please either unloop your face covering or lower it before you step forward to receive Holy Communion. Extend your arms/hands fully and consume immediately. Then replace your face covering.


LIVE-STREAMING: We will continue to live-stream all Masses via the web  (You can see this below.)





Saturday 28th                                                                -   9.15 am Mass    

                         - First Sunday of Advent                      -   6 pm  Vigil Mass: November Dead List


Sunday 29th      - First Sunday of Advent                     -   8 am Mass

                                                                                     -  10 am Mass


Monday 30th                                                                 -   9.15 am Mass


Tuesday 1st December                                                -   9.15 am Mass


Wednesday 2nd                                                           -   6.30 pm Mass


Thursday 3rd                                                                -   9.15 am Mass


Friday 4th                                                                     -   9.15 am Mass


Saturday 5th                                                                -   9.15 am Mass    

                                                                                    -   6 pm  Vigil Mass


Sunday 6th   - Second Sunday of Advent                   -   8 am Mass

                                                                                    -  10 am Mass

                                                                                    - 12 noon Mass: First Communion