Stations of the Cross

Throughout Lent there will be Stations of the Cross every Friday after Morning Mass

A Reminder about Social Distancing

On the subject of social distancing, I would like to remind all parishioners of the need to maintain the safety protocols in place.

Especially please note that there is to be no congregating in the porch either before or after Mass. If you have to waiting for transport, please wait outside. As long as COVID-19 is still very prevalent, it is vital that we do not

“drop our guard”. We must all remain vigilant..


Please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before the start of Mass. Special attention should be paid to ensuring that parishioners observe social distancing and do not gather in the in the porch area.

For further updates, please keep watching the newsletter which is published weekly on the Parish website.

Mass Schedule and Tier 4 Restrictions

Although Welsh Government regulations instruct that people should "stay at home" for all but essential reasons, attending “Places of Worship” is now recognised as being an essential reason.

See: Alert Level 4: Frequently Asked Questions (Welsh Government)

The Cathedral therefore remains open for Masses and prayers as scheduled. Masses are being live streamed on our website.

NB: Government COVID-19 health & safety protocol is strictly enforced, including the wearing of face-coverings.

Holy Communion - Important Information and how to avoid Accidents

Please either unloop your face covering or lower it before you step forward to receive Holy Communion. Extend your arms/hands fully and consume immediately. Then replace your face covering.

The Curriculum for Wales: Religion, Values and Ethics Bill

This Bill currently before the Senedd will effectively remove the rights of parents as the first educators of their children. It will threaten the nature and purpose of Catholic schools as well as being an affront to devout Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in Wales.

You can use this link to register your objection to this Bill.

Blessed Ashes

Small packets of blessed ashes are available to take away if you have any family members who were unable to attend either of the Masses on Ash

Wednesday. You will find these in front of the altar, next to the statue of St. Joseph.