This Week's Mass Schedule

Please note that Masses at the cathedral have all now reverted to their original time, as per pre-COVID.

Children at Mass

We are happy to always have the infants and nursery school children in the church all through the Mass. It is a great joy and blessing, please always bring them along. However, parents should show some consideration when they make noise or cry (it is part of growing up). Please always take them to the porch when they create disturbance and can’t be quietened. This is especially important since all our Masses are now being live-streamed around the world. Over the last several weeks, we have received a number of negative reports that the noise of the babies and children is drowning-out the voice of the Priest making it impossible to hear what he is saying. Thank you for your co-operation.

Month of Our Lady's Devotion

We will bring this month of Our Blessed Lady to a close through participation in the national “Rosary Relay Rally for Faith, Life & Peace” which is taking place across all the Dioceses of the British Isles. Directly after the 10:00 a.m. Mass we will say two decades of the Rosary in the church, before moving outside to Our Lady’s Garden where we will continue with the other three decades. The devotion will be culminated with the children laying flowers in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Easing of Covid Restrictions

Wales is approximately two weeks behind England in easing restrictions. At the moment the Welsh Government has no plans to relax rules on social distancing, thus enabling us to increase capacity. Likewise, congregational singing is still not allowed, although this is currently being reinvestigated. Andy changes to the regulations will be annmounced in the newsletter and on the Parish website so keep looking online.

Volunteer Stewards Needed

We are desperately in need of more Volunteer Stewards to adequately marshal ALL the areas of concern at the weekend Masses, particularly at the 5:30 and the 10:00 Masses.

Reminder to Stewards

Please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before the start of Mass so that queues forming at the entrance may be avoided. NB: Special attention should be paid to ensuring parishioners observe social distancing particularly when exiting after Mass. It has been noticed that people are still gathering in the porch area; the side aisles; and the area in front of the Sanctuary. Stewards, please be vigilant and when necessary, remind people of the rules and move them along.

A Reminder about Social Distancing

I would like to remind all parishioners of the need to maintain the safety protocols in place. Especially please note that there is to be no congregating in the porch either before or after Mass. If you have to waiting for transport, please wait outside. Please, also do not congregate or even stop to hold conversations in the centre of side-aisles, or in front of the Sanctuary. I would also like to remind people sitting in the side aisles, not to take a short-cut between the benches in the centre aisles when they going to Communion. Instead, please proceed to the Sanctuary down the side aisles. As long as COVID-19 is still very prevalent, it is vital that we do not “drop our guard”. We must all remain vigilant.

Holy Communion - Important Information and how to avoid Accidents

Please either unloop your face covering or lower it before you step forward to receive Holy Communion. Extend your arms/hands fully and consume immediately. Then replace your face covering.